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Our staff is committed to Catholic education. Our teachers are continually taking classes in order to stay current in the latest theology, curriculum methods, technology, and educational research, such as learning styles, multiple intelligences, and development focused on instructing students with special learning needs; this year , staff development will continue to focus on instruction for students with special needs as well as improving writing skills for all students. Our School-wide academic focus continues to be reading in the content areas. Our staff currently consists of fifteen teachers, three para-educators, and specialists in computer technology, physical education, music, reading, and library-media.

William McKee Pastor
Wanda Stewart Principal
Cindy Wolf School Secretary
Heather Allen 3/4 English Language Arts and Social Studies, 4th Math, 3rd Science, 4 Religion
Pam Brooks 5/6 Religion, 7/8 Religion, 7th Math
Sarah Butler 7/8 English Language Arts, 5th Math 5/6 Science, 5/6 Religion
Denisse Christensen 2/3 English Language Arts, 2 Math, 2 Science, 2/3 Social Studies
Heidi Colby-Sanchez  Extended Care Supervisor
Toby D'Anna 5/6 English Language Arts, 7/8 English Language Arts, 6th Math
Lisa Davison  Technology Specialist, 5/6 Science, 7/8 Science
Matthew Dizon Para Educator / Playground Supervisor
Michael Donovan 5/6 Social Studies, 7/8 Social Studies, 8th Algebra
Sharon Hendricks PreSchool, PreKindergarten
Kristy Jutilla Para-Educator
Fran McKinley 1st Grade
Kirsten McCarl Music
Martin Moore Development Director
Marie Nelson Para-Educator
Kelly Norris Para-Educator
Rosemary Rhodes Para-Educator
Urdene Rickard Library, 2nd Religion
Deana Schuler Reading Specialist
Deanne Taylor PE All Grades, 8th Math
Katherine VanEddy 3/4 English Language Arts and Social Studies, 3rd Math, 3rd Religion, 4th Science
Chris Williams Kindergarten

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