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St. Vincent de Paul School
School-wide Learning Expectations


I am a St. Vincent de Paul student, and    
I am a Faith-filled Catholic.
I live out the teachings of Jesus through my prayer and actions.
I live out the Catholic faith, traditions, and teachings.
I participate in Sunday Mass, school Masses, prayer services, and reconciliation.  

I am a Life-Long Learner.
I have good study and organizational skills.
 I demonstrate understanding in all academic subjects.
I use critical thinking and problem solving skills.
I listen closely in class.
I express my ideas clearly when speaking and writing.
I read for the sake of learning and for my pleasure.
I use technology for learning and communication.
I participate in the arts and physical activities.
I am an Active Community Member in a Global Society.
I show responsibility for my actions and choices.
I help build a community of respect.
I participate in service to my school and parish and to the larger community.
I learn about major events that are happening throughout the world.  

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