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                Math Enrichment Opportunity                        

Sunshine Math        

What is Sunshine Math?

             Sunshine Math is a fabulous extra-curricular mathematics program exposing children to challenging logic puzzles and math concepts they might not have the opportunity to encounter in the classroom.  This is an optional program your child may participate in each week that will not impinge on the normal classroom routine or the teachers’ time.  Participation will be in addition to the regular math curriculum.


How does it work?

Activities can be found on the school website under the “About St. Vincent’s” heading, then click on “Math Enrichment.”  Just find the correct grade level and week, then download and print. 

Each grade level has its own set of problems.  Grade levels are identified by the names of planets:  Mercury - Kindergarten, Venus - First, Earth - Second, Mars - Third, Jupiter - Fourth, Saturn - Fifth, Uranus - Sixth, Neptune - Seventh, and the dwarf planet, Pluto - Eighth.   A goal of Sunshine Math is to help your child gain confidence, success, and a sense of independence while working through the problems.  At this time, we ask students to work at his/her current grade level.   All levels have some problems that require more thinking time.

An activity has eight to ten problems on it.  Each problem is worth a certain number of stars;  the harder the problem, the more stars.

This program was designed to challenge students to use problem solving strategies to solve problems.  You may help your children by suggesting problem solving strategies.  However, please do not solve the problems for your child.

When does it begin?

Grades 1-8 will begin on October 5th

Kindergarten will begin in February to allow them some time to gain a little more math knowledge.



If you have any questions about the Sunshine Math program, contact Mrs. Burnaby in the school office or email at  Please do not contact the classroom teacher as this is an enrichment program that is totally optional, non-graded, and separate from classroom mathematics.

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