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It’s Personal Catering and Chef Services

 School Lunch Provided by It’s Personal Catering
It’s Personal Catering and Chef Services is a local company based in Burien, WA. We cater all types of events including weddings, holiday parties, business luncheons, and school lunches. If you would like to learn more about us, you can look us up on Facebook.


Ordering and Pricing for School Lunch
Order forms will be emailed out each month. The order form has two parts. The first part is the calendar of days and what is being served for you to keep at home for your record. The second part is the order form that you fill out, detach, and turn in to the School Lunch Box in the school office. The order form must include your cash or check payment when you turn it in. The cost of lunch is $4.00 per lunch each day. If you wish to order milk it will be 50¢ extra. You must indicate on the order form which days you are ordering lunch and milk. Please include your child’s name, grade, total amount submitted, and check number if you are paying by check. You can turn in the orders in an envelope or by attaching your payment to the order form. If you wish to pay by credit card, you may call us at 206-940-5026 to give us your credit card information. Please note that order forms must be turned in prior to the first day of service each month.

Absences, Credits, Forgotten Lunch
If your child is sick and cannot attend school or must be away from school for an unforeseen circumstance, we will give you a credit for that day if you have ordered a lunch. The credit will not be a cash refund, but we will simply move the lunch to another day of your choice. We cannot issue a credit if you have ordered lunch for your child on a day when there is previously scheduled absence. Please be mindful of ordering dates so you do not order lunch on a day when a field trip is taking place. If your child does not have a lunch ordered or they have forgotten their lunch from home, we will provide a lunch for them. We will contact you the same day to discuss next day payment arrangements. Additionally, if you did not place an order or something takes place and you need for us to provide a meal the same day simply call or email us before 9 a.m. and let us know and we can provide a lunch. If this should occur, you can send payment with your child that day or you can pay us the very next business day.
We appreciate your business and look forward to serving you!

Jeff Duncan
Owner/It’s Personal Catering 206-940-5026

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