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The St. Vincent de Paul School curriculum is developed through continual reflection of our mission statement and use of School-wide Student Learning Expectations, the Archdiocesan guidelines, state standards and professional experience of the faculty. St. Vincent’s curriculum provides for the harmonious development of the student’s spiritual, moral, physical, emotional and intellectual growth.

St. Vincent's provides a program which includes classes in the following subjects: Religion, Reading, Integrated Language Arts, Mathematics, Social Studies, Science, Music, Physical Education, Library Skills and Computer Education. Students at all grade levels receive art instruction from volunteer Art Docent instructors. Extra-curricular opportunities include student crew, yearbook, drama, speech team, select choir, and band.

St. Vincent's is a multi-graded elementary school and our schedule is unique. Homerooms for students in grades two through eight are composed of two grade levels. Students in these classes have a homeroom-based teacher for reading and language arts. Intermediate students then travel in two-grade level groupings in the afternoon for science, social studies, and religion; primary students travel in grade level groupings in the afternoon for science, social studies, and religion Because of our schedule, the intermediate curriculum is on a two-year cycle for some subjects. All students are in grade level groupings for math. Kindergarten and first grade are self-contained classes where the foundations of our programs are established.

More information on our curriculum and two-year cycle for grades 5-8 is included in our curriculum guide.

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