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This page contains contact information for St. Vincent de Paul School Alumni.
From here you can send e-mail to old friends, or visit their personal websites.

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Alphabetical listing, by last name:

Thierer (Walker), Kari  

Lariviere, Guy
Attended school from fall 1965 thru spring 1972
(first thru sixth grades).



Telephone: (619) 507-6781



Nisco, Nicola

I was a student at St. Vincent from 1988-1994.
I graduated from Seattle University in June
2005 with a Bachelor's in Psychology and a
minor in Spanish, and I am pursuing a career
in dolphin-assisted therapy. I look forward to
hearing from any alumni that I would have
known or who would have known me during
my time at the school. Please feel free to
contact me at any time.

Telephone: (253) 640-6185
Lee, Yun  
Telephone: (253) 230-4452
Coffey,Ryan I graduated in 1993 and moved to Dallas, Texas


Telephone: (972) 948-9713
Stewart, Kelly I graduated in 1996



(Walker) Parchem, Lisa I attended St Vincent's from 1976 to 1983
and graduated in 1983.



(Vicars) van der Roest, Laurie I attended St Vincent's from 1981 to 1987
and graduated in 1987.



 Hutchinson Monika

Hi to everyone! I graduated 8th grade at St. Vinnie's in
1997 and went to JFK in Burien freshman year, Decatur
in Federal Way, part of sophomore year and have been
living in Colorado with my family (my mom was the
"carpool angel" for any of you who were there during
that era ;) I just graduated with my undergrad in vocal
music performance, a minor in business, and my MBA
in Business Ethics and Legal Studies from the
University of Denver. I am getting married next year
and I would love to get in touch with any old friends!!!!



Telephone:  (303) 668-8598
Crompe Brianna


This was such a good time in my life!
I met my best friends there!
Blackburn Joseph


I'm currently a Jr. at Western Washington University
and the Asst. Marketing Director for a major
Promotions company in Seattle known as London
Trash Productions. I like food and dancing. Chea!!



Telephone:  (425) 636-9925

Website Link:

Chaffee, Scott


Malaier, Michael


'I entered 1st grade in 1984 and graduated from 8th in 1992. I am an attorney at Office of the Chapter 13 Trustee in Tacoma.
Telephone:   (253) 680-4064
McDougall, Jessica


'I graduated in 1993.



Snyder (Lemmon), Nichole

'I graduated with the 8th grade class in 1997. I attended
Bellarmine my freshman year and then went to Decatur
HS, class of 2001. After working at Camp Thunderbird,
I went back to school and graduated from Western
Washington University in 2006. Since then I have been a
nanny for a group of families in Seattle. I still live in
Federal Way, was married December 2010, and am
expecting a son in September 2011.




Eves (Jimerson), Betsy '

Telephone: (206) 799-1498                                          

Website Link:

Sawyer, Ryan

'I attended St Vincent's from 5th grade to 8th.
I graduated from 8th grade in 1992. St.
Vincent's was a great school, and I have
so many fond memories. The teachers were
fantastic and the education was well above
the bar. I have been developing software and
websites for the past 8 years.
Feel free to contact me anytime.




Jesse, Anna I attended 2nd thru 6th grade
Approximate dates were 1972 thru 1978.

I am the Loyalty Programs Coordinator for the Portland Trail Blazers

Dorsett, Katherine (Katie)


  Address: 3241 SW 326th Street, Federal Way, WA 98023
Novak, Patrick W.

I am a member of the class of 1984. I served as the parish's Assistant Youth Minister from 2000 to 2005.

Currently, I serve as the Frontline Coordinator and Assistant to the Director/Associate Directors of Admissions at the University of California, Santa Cruz.


Grega, David

I only attended SVdP for one year 96-97 (6th grade) but I had a great time and met a lot of amazing people. Currently I’m living in Napa Ca and work as a winemaker.

 Telephone: 916-216-1892

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