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St. Vincent de Paul School is a mission driven school, not a test driven school. We exist to pass on our Catholic faith and traditions, but a quality academic program is expected.  We are pleased with our school’s ITBS scores, and we share them with our families each year in the fall.

As you review our schools, please keep the following ideas in mind:

·  We are testing a very small population, and therefore, we need to be sensitive to our students when interpreting the data. 

· Some schools, public and private, do not test all of their students, whereas we test all of our students, including those with any level of special needs (about 18% of our student population).

· Please keep in mind that this is just one test on one particular day which can give a piece of information on a child’s academic progress.

· These scores should not be used to compare our school with local public schools or with other Catholic schools in the Archdiocese.  Catholic schools are not driven by tests; we are driven by our missions. 

· Why are we giving the tests?  We are using the information as another tool to assess individual student growth and progress as well as to indicate possible strengths and weaknesses of our programs. 

· Our goal is to prepare our students for Catholic high schools, and the reports we receive from the Catholic high schools indicate that our students are prepared academically, spiritually, and socially.       

An explanation of the types of scores displayed in the charts:

 School Scores

The scores listed in the chart on the next page are National School Norms. School norms compare our scores as a whole school to other schools across the country. This is how to interpret school norms: A National School Norm of 80 for the third grade means that our third grade class as a whole did as well as or better than about 80% of the other third grade classes nationally.

Grade Level Equivalences

In addition to the School Scores, we want to share another way to interpret our scores. We have included the grade level equivalences for each grade level. This is how to interpret grade level equivalences: A grade level equivalence of 4.9 for our 3rd grade doesn’t mean that they are working at a grade level of 4.9, but that they did as well as a student in 4th grade, 9th month would have done on this level of test.  

An explanation of the line graph data:

The line graphs so the academic growth of last year’s 8th grade class over the past five years (using grade level equivalences). You can see how the growth rate increased over the years, from being one year above the national average at grade 4 to being three years above the national average at grade 8. 

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